Why neoprene rubber crack growth rate low

by Dongrubber on December 11, 2006 · 0 comments

Neoprene rubber sheet neoprene rubber crack growth rate is very much lower than other diene rubber. There are two reasons as follow:

① Ozonide generated by natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber reacting with ozone, forming hemisphere hard lump on the surface of rubber, and gradually grow up to form ozonide layer set piece, at the set piece of discontinuities, ozone fissure is expanding quickly. Neoprene rubber chlorine atoms have polarity so that its solubility to ozonide is big, then the rubber surface can form uniform ozonide membrane, which plays a protective effect.

② Ozone fissure produced by styrene butadiene rubber and natural rubber, due to its hardening surface, and makes a split end of a pointed tubular, cause stress concentration in the end, causing further crack growth. Neoprene rubber is due to the soft ozone layer compound, split end is round, no phenomenon of stress concentration happens, so the crack growth slowly.

Based on above, if we try to the solute by chemical reaction, then neoprene rubber ozone compound in the presence of moist air, due to the hydrolysis very unstable, it is easily to fracture in the ozonide site, so the stress will not concentrate in the specific point of the surface film, stress is distributed, so the gap is hard to grow.

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