What is polymerization of SBR rubber sheet?

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Styrene-butadiene Rubber Sheet is 1, 3 – butadiene and styrene made by copolymerization of elastomer. SBR rubber is a kind of synthetic rubber.

Monomer: 1, 3 – butadiene (CH2 = CH – CH = CH2), styrene (C6H5C2H3).

Polymerization: CH2 = CH – CH = CH2 + C6H5 – CH = CH2 → [CH2 – CH = CH – CH2 – CH (C6H5) – CH2] – n.

Styrene butadiene rubber sheeting is the biggest production general synthetic rubber, has milk poly styrene butadiene rubber and soluble poly styrene butadiene rubber. Styrene butadiene rubber is fawn elastic solid, density enhanced with the increase of the content of styrene, oil resistance is poor, but it has good dielectric properties; Raw rubber tensile strength is only 20-35 kg/cm2, which can be reinforced by adding carbon black, the tensile strength can reach 250-280 kg/square cm; Its bonding properties, elastic deformation and calorific value are not equal to natural rubber, but wear resistance, natural aging resistance, water resistance, air tightness, etc is superior to natural rubber, therefore SBR rubber sheet is a kind of comprehensive performance good rubber. Styrene-butadiene rubber sheets industry is the backbone of the rubber industry, it is one of the first big synthetic rubber varieties, whose comprehensive performance is good, and price is low. In most situations SBR rubber can be used instead of natural rubber, mainly used in the tire industry, auto parts, rubber hose, adhesive tape, rubber shoes, wires and cables and other rubber products.



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