What is hypalon rubber sheets?

by Dongrubber on September 15, 2006 · 0 comments

Hypalon rubber sheets is also called chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber, which is short for CSM. Hypalon rubber sheet is a kind of special rubber products, consists of chlorine and carbon disulfide and polyethylene to act. Hypalon rubber is white or yellow elastomer, having better physical and mechanical properties, ageing resistance, heat resistance and low temperature resistance, oil resistance, flame resistance, abrasion resistance, and corrosion resistance, electrical insulation. CSM is widely used in anticorrosive coatings such as for cars, steel, iron, and also apply to rubber hose, adhesive tape, rubber shoes industry, boat fender, etc. Compunds of hypalon rubber sheeting can be formulated for excellent abrasion resistant and for brittle temperatures as low as – 60 ℃.
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