What is E.P.D.M rubber sheets?

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EPDM rubber sheets is a type of synthetic rubber, with its name short for ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber:

Ethylene propylene rubber is very related to EPDM rubber. Ethylene propylene rubber is a copolymer of ethylene and propylene while EPDM is a terpolymer of ethylene, propylene and a diene-component. The ethylene content of EPDM is about 45% to 75%, the higher the ethylene contents the higher the loading possibilities for the polymer: better mixing and extrusion. Peroxide curing these polymers provides a higher crosslink density comparing with their amorphous counterpart. The amorphous polymer are also excellent in processing. This is very much affected by their molecular structure.

Dienes are used during the manufacture of EPDM rubbers, we currently use ethylidene norbornene – ENB, dicyclopentadiene – DCPD, and vinyl norbornene – VNB. The dienes serve ascrosslinks when curing with sulphur and resin, which typically comprising from 2.5% up to 12% by weight of the composition. The diene functions as a coagent with peroxide cures. It provides resistance to unwanted creep, tackiness or flow in end use.

M means M-class, which refers to its classification in ASTM standard D-1418. The M class includes rubbers having a saturated chain of the polymethylene type.

EPDM rubber sheet is an elastomer that is characterized by a wide range of applications.


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