What is butyl rubber sheets?

by Dongrubber on April 15, 2006 · 0 comments

Butyl rubber sheets is a synthetic rubber. It is a copolymer of isobutylene and isoprene, whose abbreviation is IIR standing for isobutylene isoprene rubber. Butyl rubber sheeting is based on polyisobutylene, which is also known as PIB or polyisobutene – (C4H8)n. PIB is the homopolymer of isobutylene, also is 2-methyl-1-propene. Butyl rubber sheet is produced by polymerization of around 98 percents of isobutylene together with around 2 percents of isoprene. Polyisobutylene resembles polypropylene structurally, that have two methyl groups substituted on each other carbon atom. It is a colorless to light yellow viscoelastic material. IIR is generally odorless and tasteless. However it may exhibit a little characteristic odor.

Butyl rubber has excellent impermeability, and good flex properties given by the long polyisobutylene segments of the polymer chains.

Butyl rubber as an elastomer, is impermeable to air and applied to many applications requiring an airtight rubber. Butyl rubber sheet is used in the manufacture of adhesives, fiber optic compounds, agricultural chemicals caulks and sealants, cling film, personal care products, electrical fluids, pigment concentrates, lubricants, etc.


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