Weather resistance of neoprene rubber sheet

by Dongrubber on December 10, 2006 · 0 comments

Wire, cable outer sheath used in outdoor generally adopt neoprene rubber sheet as main material. Neoprene rubber itself has good weather resistance compared to other general synthetic rubber. But they have long-term use in the outdoor, time up to 20 to 30 years. Weather resistance general means to have properties to anti UV resistant, heat resistant, cold resistant, resistance to water erosion, sediment erosion and wind erosion properties, as well as with ozone resistance and other properties. This is about to consider outdoor environment from the formula, seriously consider spring, summer, autumn and winter acting at the cable sheath. When requirements for weather resistance is very high, we must improve the rubber rate over 50%, carbon black formula should be adopted, at least with more than 10 copies of particle size carbon black, among all the channel carbon black has best resistance to atmospheric, followed by furnace black, inorganic filler should be clay, the others should not be used, especially not to use calcium carbonate. In the non-black formula, it needs to cooperate with ultraviolet screening agent, we can use iron oxide red, phthalein blue, titanium oxide, etc., depending on the product color. In order to improve the weatherability of products in a variety of harsh conditions, using the stabilizer is very necessary. We can take heat resistant, resistant to commonly flexible stabilizer (amine stabilizer) and ozone resistance stabilizer (DPPD derivatives). Using less softener is advisable, paraffin leaks out of surface, which has a protective effect, and with a slight SPAR wax, paraffin wax out can be slow and for a long time. W neoprene rubber is good for neoprene rubber sheet, no double sulfur and multi sulfur in molecular chain key, whose anti-ultraviolet radiation ability is stronger.

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