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4. Liquid silicone rubber

Liquid silicone rubber is a type of the rubber developed as the room temperature vulcanization silicone rubber.

The basic characteristic of the liquid silicone rubber is: under the low temperature (room temperature), with the moisture in the air (single liquid type) or curing agent (two type liquid), easy to form crosslinked rubber; They still have silicone rubber’s original heat resistance, cold resistance, drug resistance and electrical insulation; A single liquid type has adhesion; Price is quite high.

Liquid silicone rubber is mainly used in the production of building sealants, electrical insulation materials, model selection impression materials and rubber roller, etc.

5. Applications of Silicone Rubber

Silicone rubber products are widely used in aerospace, automotive, instruments, electrical industrial departments and health care, daily life and other aspects.

Silicone rubber can make a lot model products, such as all kinds of O ring, gasket, cup, oil seal, valve, damper and diaphragm, etc.; Can also be used as a carrier, instrument and electrical sealing, shock absorption and insulation materials, such as the potentiometer of the sealing and insulation sleeve instead of mica (resin), some of the silicon controlled rectifier tube shell, seal, plug, motor stator winding insulation, refrigeration system of the gas sealing ring, sealing ring, contact oxygen supply system of the sealing ring, diaphragm and valve, etc.

Because the silicone rubber sheet has physiological inertia, non-toxic, and other material of gelling ability, and can withstand multiple cooking disinfection characteristic, so it is widely used in health care and food industry, such as the artificial heart valves, artificial larynx, artificial blood vessels, blood transfusion tube, catheter, pacifiers, medicine bottle stoppers, etc; Food industrial conveyor belt, hose, etc.

Silicone rubber extrusion products are used in electric wire, cable, adhesive tape and insulating sleeve; Used in aircraft, vehicles, ships and special construction of doors and windows sealing and conveying high temperature fluid hose, etc.

Due to silicone rubber with good heat resistance and the stability of steam, it can be used as a drying oven plate seal and seal of the boiler. Because it has radiation resistance, can be used in the manufacture of nuclear reactors and nuclear power with the sealing material and wire, cable, etc.

Silicone rubber can be used for various kinds of regulator sensitive element of diaphragm, instrument with heating, high temperature resistant adhesive tape, sealing putty, high temperature with a rubber roller, rubber rope, insulation and special tape and adhesive tape products, etc.

In addition, the silicone rubber sheets also can be used in the production of resistance to water, weak acid, weak alkali, and polarity medium (such as the chlorofluorocarbons – oil, alcohol, hydrogen sulfide, acetic acid aqueous solution, etc.) and other products. Fluorine silicon rubber can be used to produce fuel oil, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil resistance and other products.

Room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber is suitable for the production of casting products and used as rubberized coating materials. Use it as a tube or electrical components coating, sealing, with moisture, preventing dust and shock as well as the effect of improved performance. Because it has the characteristics of heat-resisting, narrow, can be used for some low melting point metal or resin such as epoxy resin, poly vinegar mould, also can be used as a dental impression material.

Because the silicone rubber has good cold resistance and hydrophobic nature, so it is suitable for production in the arctic, such as the cold work under the condition of automobile tires, high temperature resistant silicone rubber production tire also available.

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