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(1) Condensation RTV silicone rubber. Has single component and two pairs components.

(2) One-component condensation RTV silicone rubber. The following basic features: it has excellent heat resistant, cold resistant performance, general products available in 60~200℃ temperature range has a long time use; For the average base material such as all kinds of metals, ceramics, wood, plastic, cement, glass and so on all has certain adhesion; It has excellent electric insulation.

One-component RTV silicone rubber is mainly used for bonding and sealing, such as used in the machinery industry, automobile industry, aerospace industry, seal, high-rise building expansion joint and joint sealing, seal of large glass Windows, toilet, etc.

(3) Two group condensation RTV silicone rubber sheet. Its basic characteristic is: has the general characteristics of the silicone rubber; Improve the environmental temperature can make high curing rate; Two component room temperature vulcanization silicone rubber in addition to the special varieties, all have no adhere to general material. If the bottom coating process can be improved, can be improved by adopting bottom color technology, but worse than one-component room temperature vulcanization silicone rubber; Excellent dielectric properties; Heat resistant performance is good, generally can be use for a long time under 200 ℃, adding the heat-resistant additives can be used in 250 ~ 300 ℃.

The rubber is mainly used to produce flexible mold, suitable for all kinds of complicated shape and structure of molded products, good simulation; Not adhesion, easy to mould, used for plastic products, wax products and low melting point alloy moulding, artificial leather, the secured mode high frequency mold, dental materials, also used as a coating and potting material, particularly suitable for electrical and electronic components.

3. Add molding room temperature vulcanization silicone rubber (medium temperature)

Add molding room temperature vulcanization silicone rubber sheeting (medium temperature) by poly 2 vinyl organic siloxane with low relative molecular mass of hydrogen containing silicone oil in the presence of catalyst, cross linking at Room temperature (temperature) in the couplet net structure of silicone rubber.

Type room temperature vulcanization is vinyl hydrogen silicone sealing side poly dimethyl siloxane crosslinking agent and mixed with the first component, with vinyl seal the polydimethylsiloxane joined vinyl siloxane platinum complex as the second component. When used, divide the two components in equal amounts, at room temperature sulfide into transparent silica gel rubber.

Medium temperature type is the vinyl methyl silicone resin with an equal amount of toluene solution, then add rubber fully after blending, heating to remove toluene, then add a certain amount of crosslinking agent and catalyst, thoroughly incorporated, for 2~4h under 70-80 ℃ can sulfide into transparent elastomer.

The basic features of this kind of rubber is: silicone rubber inherent in many characteristics, such as using broad temperature, excellent electrical insulation, and weathering aging resistance, etc.; Processing is simple; Vulcanization rate and the structure of the crosslinking agent, the dosage and the dosage of the catalyst, is very sensitive to temperature, temperature control by its curing rate; Under crosslinking curing process, no low molecular material release, so it is more suitable for usage as a medicinal materials; With high transparency; adhesion to heterogeneous materials is poor, but by adding some adhesion improver or through bottom coating processing can improve; Platinum catalyst will “poisoning” because of containing sulfur, phosphorus and nitrogen compounds, which is inactive.

The rubber is used in injection molding, extrusion and coating method to make the product. Injection molding, such as all kinds of mold products, are more suitable for production mould and pouring of art; Extrusion, such as manufacturing wire and cable; Color coating, such as silicone tape or to fabric reinforced film, In the vulcanization process, there’s no escape, raw rubber has high purity, and therefore suitable for manufacture using demanding medical products, also suitable for production requirement and moistureproof, shockproof and insulation of electronic components, etc.

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