Properties of neoprene rubber sheets

by Dongrubber on December 19, 2006 · 0 comments

Neoprene rubber sheets has similar structure with natural rubber sheets, the difference is neoprene rubber has electronegativity of polar group which replaces the methyl of natural rubber. So that neoprene rubber sheeting gets improved in the aspects of its ozone resistant, oil resistant and heat resistant performance. Anyway, neoprene rubber sheet has excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, oil resistance, etc. Its comprehensive physical and mechanical is better too. Therefore neoprene has a very wide range of applications, which can be used both as a general-purpose rubber and can be used as special rubber. It has main physical and mechanical properties as follow:

  1. The strength of neoprene rubber has similar high tensile strength with natural rubber.
  2. Excellent ageing-resistant performance.
  3. Good oil resistance, solvent resistance.
  4. Excellent flame resistance.

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