Silicone Rubber Sheeting for Glass Industry

silicone rubber sheeting for glass industry

Silicone Rubber Sheet for Glass Industry

It is used for glass vacuum laminating oven.

Glass vacuum laminating oven makes glass heated under vacuum condition based on vacuum theory. It makes the glass in the vacuum bag pressured so as to exclude air with no bubbles left by using atmospheric pressure. Vacuum bag makes two sheets or several sheets of glass and EVA or other film heat sealing together over heating and vacuuming on them.
Vacuum bag is the key part of glass vacuum laminating oven, it consists of two silicone sheets up and down, withspecial shaped silicone seals. Silicone rubber sheets are the key of 1 set vacuum laminating oven, its quality plays a important role in final glass products.

 Model  Tensile strength
 Tear strength
Shore A
 Elongation at break
 Color  Shape
 6526A  6.5  26  55±5  450  Transparent  double glazed
 6526B  6.5  26  55±5  450  Transparent  glazed-mat
 6526C  6.5  26  55±5  450  Rust red  double glazed
 6526D  6.5  26  55±5  450  Rust red  glazed-mat
 8032A  8.0  32  55±5  650  Transparent  double glazed
 8032B  8.0  32  55±5  650  Transparent  glazed-mat
 8032C  8.0  32  55±5  650  Rust red  double glazed
 8032D  8.0  32  55±5  650  Rust red  glazed-mat