Ribbed Rubber Matting

Ribber Rubber Matting
SBR Anti-Slip Ribbed Rubber Matting
Thin, middle and large stripes all available

High quality styrene-butadiene rubber sheets, with excellent mechanical properties, low compression set and high resilience.
It also has excellent dynamic and rebound properties.

Multiple sizes available from 3-10mm thick; 1-14m wide, 10-15m length.

Durometer Hardness Tens. Stren. Ultimate Elongation Specific Gravity Colour
Shore A+/-5 Mpa %Min g/cm³
70° 4 300 1.55 Red, Green, Black, Grey and more.


Excellent anti-skid ribbered surface, abrasion resistance, water-proof, preferable shock resistance and toughness.

Ideal for entranceway, walkways, lift doors, stairs, escalator aprons, ramps, garage floors, van lining, shelving, work bench, flooring, etc.