Nitrile Rubber Introduction 3

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2) NBR rubber sheeting – polyvinyl chloride (PVC) blending rubber. Its basic features are as follows:

(1) Resistance to ozone and weather aging resistance significantly higher than the average nitrile rubber sheets.

(2) Flame resistance are better than the average nitrile rubber.

(3) The abrasion resistance, oil resistance, resistant to chemicals and so on have been improved om performance than normal nitrile rubber.

(4) Improve the performance of the extrusion, calendering process.

(5) Any color can be produced for beauty products.

(6) Low temperature properties, elasticity decreased, the compression deformation increased.

(7) Compared with common polyvinyl chloride (PVC) it improves the low temperature properties, oil resistance, elongation, etc.

The rubber is mainly used in the production of wire, cable sheath, outer rubber tubing and fuel pipe, top roller and apron, automobile mold parts, micro porous sponge, foam insulation blanket, safety shoes and protective coating, etc.:

3) Powder NBR. Its basic features are as follows:

(1) This kind of rubber mixing without the use of large-scale machinery, thus saving energy.

(2) This kind of rubber mixing automation, continuous, save manpower.

(3) Powder rubber manufacturing cost is high.

(4) Because of the added inorganic filler, thus limit the scope of its use.

This kind of rubber is mainly used for blending with resin, plasticizer for polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and after use with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) mixing can make soles, also suitable for the production of cable sheath, gasket, rubber adhesion agent, etc.

4) Liquid nitrile rubber. Liquid nitrile rubber is adopting general emulsion radical polymerization. Besides the carboxyl terminal, with the development of telechelic polymers, and end carboxyl, amino and so on the many kinds of telechelic end of s-based, end type liquid nitrile rubber.

The basic features of this kind of rubber is as follows:

(1) Being viscous liquid at room temperature, thus can paint, impregnation, injection, etc.

(2) Because there are two end functional groups in its large molecules, thus can have extender chain crosslinking reaction.

(3) Due to containing acrylonitrile, it has good compatibility with other polar polymers.

Liquid nitrile rubber is mainly used as adhesive, producing conductive adhesive, thermal plastic, turbine blade coating, plasticizer, etc, And can be with antiager d graft copolymerization into polymer stabilizer, not easy for solvent extraction, it changed good performance and improve the oil resistance.

End carboxyl liquid nitrile rubber is used in solid propellant rocket adhesives, was also widely used for bonding, sealing, coating materials, and the effect of epoxy resin toughening agent is very good.

The ryukyu base liquid NBR rubber can be used in the production of automobile cover, motor joint sealant glue, wood glue agent, the diaphragm gas meter parts, piezoelectric ceramic buzzer component glue adhesion agent, resistance to high pressure high temperature insulation potting material and pouring oil resistant rubber products, etc., it can also be used to manufacture the water resistance modified epoxy resin.

End amine liquid nitrile rubber is mainly used in epoxy resin, the carboxyl modified polybutadiene, can also be used separately as sealing materials, used for adhesives or cooperate with other materials for making casting products, also can be used as compatibilizers in polymer material blending. In addition, it also can be used as intermediates of new type polyurethane elastomer, after extender chain crosslinking made into oil resistance and good elastic new pu material.

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