How to classify silicone rubber sheets with fluorine rubber sheets?

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1. Fluorine rubber sheets (vition) is the organic elastomer composed of fluoride monomer copolymerization. Its characteristic is that heat-resistant up to 300 ℃, as well as its best acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance in the oil resistant rubber sheets. It has good radiation resistance, good resistance to high vacuum performance; Electricity insulativity, mechanical properties, resistance to chemical corrosion resistance, ozone resistance, weathering resistance is good. It has disadvantages which are poor workability, expensive and poor cold resistance. The elastic air permeability is low. Temperature range of use: – 20 ℃ ~ + 200 ℃. Viton Is mainly used in the defense industry manufacturing aircraft, rocket on the vacuum, high temperature resistant, resistant to chemical corrosion resistance of sealing materials, rubber, or other parts and auto industry.

2. Silicone rubber sheets is special rubber whose main chain contains silicon and oxygen atoms, in which a silicon element plays the leading role. Its main characteristic is resistant to high temperature (300 ℃) and low temperature resistant (minimum – 100 ℃). Currently silicone rubber sheet is the best cold resistance and high temperature resistant rubber; In the meantime it has good electrical insulation, high stability of thermal oxidation and ozone, chemical inertness. Disadvantages of silicone rubber are its low mechanical strength, oil resistance, solvent resistance and acid-proof alkaline poor, difficult to sulfide, and the price is more expensive. Using temperature is 60 ℃ ~ + 200 ℃. Silicone rubber sheet is mainly used to produce high and low temperature resistant products (rubber hose, seals, etc.), high temperature wire and cable insulating layer. Due to the non-toxic, tasteless of silicone rubber sheets, it is also used in food and medical industry.

3. A simple identification method:

A, Fluorine rubber is difficult to burn, burn with orange flames.

B, Silicone rubber is easy to burn, burning up with the dark yellow flame, left residue after burning.

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