General properties of neoprene rubber

by Dongrubber on December 15, 2006 · 0 comments

Universal type neoprene rubber regulated by sulfur and mercaptan has big differences on the structure and properties. The molecular structure of elastomer varies with the type of regulator, polymerization conditions and under copolymerization situation, it changes along with the molecular composition and ratio of monomers. In the determination work for neoprene rubber structure, it is found the polychloroprene has three types: Type a polychloroprene is a soluble linear polymer soluble; Type w is a kind of hard insoluble, highly structured polymer; Type u is a sparse mesh structure, but not influenced by the flexible polymer molecular chain. According to the latest concept of the molecular structure, polychloroprene has structural unit sketch drawing as follow:

polychloroprene- structural-unit-sketch-drawing

Because of the second monomer, the molecular structure of the copolymer is more complex and with less regularity. According to infrared spectrum data, the chlorine butadiene copolymer can link in any order, and the proportion of the link occupied a certain position is still same with the homopolymer under same condition.

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