Features of FKM rubber sheet

by Dongrubber on August 16, 2006 · 0 comments

FKM Rubber Sheet has its main features as follow:

  1. Good chemical stability: Fluorine rubber sheet has high chemical stability; it is one of the best medium resistance of all the elastomer at present.
  2. Excellent high temperature resistance: Fluorine rubber sheeting has high temperature resistant performance same with silicone rubber, we can say it is the best in elastomer.
  3. Good aging resistant performance: FKM rubber sheet has excellent weather aging resistance, ozone resistance. According to reports, viton A developed by DuPont is stil satisfactory after ten years’ natural storage. It does not show any obvious crack in the air of 0.01% ozone concentration in 45 days.
  4. Excellent mechanical properties: Viton sheeting has excellent physical and mechanical properties.
  5. Fairly good electric properties.
  6. Small permeability: Viton has large solubility on the gas, but the diffusion velocity is relatively small, so the overall performance of permeability is also small.
  7. Poor low temperature performance: Viton rubber sheet is not good at cryogenic performance due to its chemical structure.
  8. Poor resistance to radiation performance: FKM rubber sheet has poor radiation resistant properties compared to other elastomer.

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