Classification of neoprene rubber

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According to usage and adjustment method of molecular weight, raw rubber of neoprene rubber can be divided into 5 types:

1. Sulfur. It is modified universal neoprene rubber, called G type rubber abroad, with sulfur and thiuram to adjust the molecular weight of neoprene rubber. Varieties have GN-A, GRT and GT, etc. China called CR1212 type, and later developed GW type polymerization by G and W type, which is called CR3212 type in China.

2. Universal neoprene rubber regulated by mercaptan (excluding sulfur), called W type rubber abroad, China called CR2321 type rubber, according to the purpose it has types including Wm-1, WHV, WRT, WX, WD, WXJ, WB, WK, etc.

3. Special neoprene rubber apply to adhesive, with main varieties including AC, AD, HC, CG and AF type, called CR2441 type in China.

4. Special purpose neoprene rubber, this kind of rubber are more cream-like polymer, which is suitable for producing cream products, and it can also be used as softener of neoprene rubber, abroad naems have KNR, FB, FC, etc.

S type neoprene rubber has high viscosity, with a great level of toughness, Q type neoprene rubber is equal to chloroprene rubber in China, it has good oil resistance.

5. Chloroprene latex, having over 10 types due to the features and usages. China also made neoprene latex to fulfil various aspects requirements.

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