Butyl Rubber Introduction

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Part 1 Brief Introduction Butyl rubber same as ethylene propylene rubber, belongs to nonpolar saturated carbon chain rubber, has the commonness of this kind of rubber, which has excellent chemical stability and high insulation, and because of its structure characteristics, it also has some features different from those of the ethylene-propylene rubber. Butyl rubber sheet […]

  Common Name Chemical Name ASTM Abbrev. Commercial Names Natural Rubber Polyisoprene (Natural) NR CSR,TTR,SMR Isoprene Rubber Polyisoprene (Synthetic) IR JSR IR, NIPOL IR EPDM Ethylene propylene diene EPDM BUNA, KELTAN, NORDEL, VISTALON, JSR EP DUTRAL, POLYSAR, ROYALENE Chloroprene Polychloroprene CR BAYPREN, NEOPRENE SBR Styrene Butadiene rubber SBR AUSTRAPOL, ASRC, JSR, NIPOL Silicone Polymethylsiloxane SR/VMQ […]

General properties of neoprene rubber Part 2

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Formula and conditions of the polymerization (molecular weight regulator, polymerization initiator, and the varieties and dosage of emulsifier, conversion rate, the purity of chloroprene and polymerization temperature) as well as the separation process and the post-processing of polymer all have a great influence on molecular structure and properties of neoprene rubber, including molecular weight and […]

Properties of neoprene rubber sheets

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Neoprene rubber sheets has similar structure with natural rubber sheets, the difference is neoprene rubber has electronegativity of polar group which replaces the methyl of natural rubber. So that neoprene rubber sheeting gets improved in the aspects of its ozone resistant, oil resistant and heat resistant performance. Anyway, neoprene rubber sheet has excellent weather resistance, […]

Basic formula of neoprene rubber

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According to the nature of the compound in neoprene rubber, and its role in the formula, Neoprene rubber can be divided into vulcanizing system, protection system, reinforcing and filling system, plasticizing and softening system total 4 kinds. Now points described in detail below. A. Basic formula 1. Vulcanization system Neoprene rubber, unlike natural rubber, commonly […]

Application of neoprene rubber

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Neoprene rubber is a kind of multi-functional universal type synthetic rubber, with a very wide range of applications as follow: 1.    Cables and Cords Neoprene rubber has excellent physical and mechanical properties, especially excellent weather resistance and ozone resistance. It has a certain oil and fire resistance, especially suitable for mining cable, Marine cable, general […]

General properties of neoprene rubber

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Universal type neoprene rubber regulated by sulfur and mercaptan has big differences on the structure and properties. The molecular structure of elastomer varies with the type of regulator, polymerization conditions and under copolymerization situation, it changes along with the molecular composition and ratio of monomers. In the determination work for neoprene rubber structure, it is […]

What is Neoprene Rubber Sheets?

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Neoprene rubber is also called polychloroprene or CR rubber, which is a family of synthetic rubbers produced by free-radical polymerization of chloroprene. In commercial production, this polymer is prepared by free radical emulsion polymerization. Polymerization is initiated using potassium persulfate. Use bifunctional nucleophiles, metal oxides (e.g. zinc oxide), and thioureas to crosslink individual polymer strands. […]

What is silicone rubber sheets?

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Silicone rubber sheets is an elastomer composed of silicone, which is a polymer containing silicon along with carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. It is widely used in industry, and there are multiple formulations for silicone rubber sheets. Silicone rubber is usually one or two part polymers. They may contain fillers to improve properties and reduce cost. […]

Classification of neoprene rubber

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According to usage and adjustment method of molecular weight, raw rubber of neoprene rubber can be divided into 5 types: 1. Sulfur. It is modified universal neoprene rubber, called G type rubber abroad, with sulfur and thiuram to adjust the molecular weight of neoprene rubber. Varieties have GN-A, GRT and GT, etc. China called CR1212 […]