Application of neoprene rubber

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Neoprene rubber is a kind of multi-functional universal type synthetic rubber, with a very wide range of applications as follow:
1.    Cables and Cords
Neoprene rubber has excellent physical and mechanical properties, especially excellent weather resistance and ozone resistance. It has a certain oil and fire resistance, especially suitable for mining cable, Marine cable, general rubber sets of cables (YZW), outdoor cable and so on protective rubber sleeves. It can also used together with natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber as a low voltage cable insulating layer, such as rural wire, especially in the cold weather region, plastic wire cold resistance is not good, so we use shirr plus woven coated coating process, such as wax. It also can make half conductive rubber. Deep water sealed cable with neoprene rubber pulp to block its entire gap; outside wrapped a layer of chloroprene rubber sheath, can be used in ships. Cable industry using neoprene rubber occupies a large proportion.
2.    Rubber hose and belt
Neoprene rubber is especially suitable for middle and outer layer rubber hose of multilayer. Middle layer rubber and all kinds of fiber, and metal braid have better adhesive property; Outer layer rubber has good oil resistance to climate, and general acid and alkali resistant and chemicals, the inner layer rubber can be used with nitrile rubber as the inner oil hose, which is very common. Either general or special rubber hoses, rubber hose, all use partial neoprene rubber.
As mining conveyor belt needs to have very good heat resistance, weather resistance, wear resistance, cutting, oil resistant, fireproof performance, whose operation process requires to eliminate static electricity, avoid producing spark in the coal mine, avoid gas explosion. In these cases using chloroprene rubber is the most appropriate choice, which can meet the above requirements. And transmission belt, triangle belt, synchronous belt, etc using neoprene rubber or combined rubber, its performance is very good.
3.    Auto parts
Neoprene rubber also has a lot of applications in the automobile industry, used as a transmission belt and timing belt, auto weather board and the doors and windows sealing strip, etc.
4.    Rubber products
(1) Rubber seal products like static and dynamic sealing oil seal, o ring, diaphragm, gaskets, etc.
(2) Rubber damping products like rubber shock absorber in shapes of round, square, cylindrical; Rubber bearing; Rubber air spring; Rubber sleeper pads, etc.
(3) Adhesive plaster and its products like waterproof adhesive tape, used to make raincoats, tents and adhesive products, such as chemical protective clothing; Outer rubber for life raft, which has good weather resistance, good adhesive property with weaving cloth.
5.    Adhesive
Neoprene rubber can bond metal, leather, wood, fiber, rubber and other materials well, very suitable to be adhesives.
6.    Latex
Neoprene rubber manufacturers supply dry rubber (solid flake and block), as well as supply neoprene rubber latex. Neoprene rubber latex is mainly used as adhesive latex, chloroprene latex paint, chloroprene latex cement, chloroprene latex sponge and many other products.
7.    Other products
Chemical equipments seals for heat-resistant, and acid and alkali chemical resistant; heat resistant, oil resistant, resistant to chemical corrosion rubber roller, etc.

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