A comparison of EPDM and TPE

by Dongrubber on October 16, 2006 · 0 comments

①    Performance comparison:


Thermoplastic elastomer TPE and EPDM rubber sheet have similar good elasticity and texture, they share many common features:

Fine rubber characteristic

Excellent weather resistance, resistant to ozone, anti-UV

Good seal water proofing property


To compare process performance, elastomer TPE doesn’t need to be vulcanized whereas EPDM rubber sheets must be through vulcanized.


To compare application performance:

Specific gravity of TPE is 0.89~0.98, EPDM is 1.3~1.5.

Heat resistance of EPDM is 160℃, better than TPE, which is at 100℃.

EPDM has better abrasion performance that that of TPE

Both of EPDM rubber and TPE have good resistance to acid-base and seawater.


②    Processing comparison:

Both of TPE and EPDM rubbers have good processing property, which can be processed into various manufactured goods.


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